Strategic Analysis Services

Auditing & Strategic Analysis

Understand, benchmark, plan and create actionable strategy

Digital marketing campaigns, past or present, need a thorough understanding of their successes, failures and future opportunities. This understanding can be gathered alongside the campaign as it runs, or as a stand-alone part of the process.

Our Approach

We believe that no activity should be carried out without being able to justify its impact on the greater business goals, and take care that everything we do has appropriate tracking in place so that you can see its impact at the touch of the button. However, when investigating historical data, or that from other suppliers, you may need to dig a little deeper to understand the real impact of your marketing efforts.

What We Offer

Auditing, Benchmarking & Historical Analysis

When you need to understand your current position (or that of your competitors), the effects of a specific marketing campaign, a website change, seasonality, or even the airing of a TV ad, the amount of data to analyse can be daunting. Our team includes experienced data analysts who can use the data that you already have alongside our own industry intelligence tools to deliver a clear representation of cause and effect. We are also happy to provide an impartial, one off analysis of the impacts of other suppliers and partners.

Measurement Tracking Set Up & Implementation

Correct set up of all the relevant tools available is essential, but interlinking them and getting everything just right can pose complications. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are absolute essentials, but we know that in real life you may use many other tracking solutions to monitor different activities across different channels. If there are additional integrations such as ecommerce, multiple domains or other tools that may cause disparate data, this process can be messy, ineffective, and even impact the performance of your website. We can handle this on your behalf from both the front end of the relevant interface, and the technical set up required on your website.

Actionable Strategic Roadmaps

We understand that you may not always require full implementation services. We offer a bespoke service to review one or many aspects of your digital marketing strategy, where we can identify weaknesses and opportunities and guide you, based on real data and current trends, on how best to strategize for the short, medium or long term. These roadmaps can be produced at a top line level or down to very granular detail depending on the particular requirements of your business.

Ongoing Strategy Consultation

Averma Aviation are happy to work with your internal marketing team to provide expert strategic guidance on an ongoing basis. With access to the core data for your website we can see what’s working for you, and use our own tools to look at your competitors’ strategies to create a weekly or monthly plan that will deliver on your objectives.

Defining & Measuring Success

All digital marketing campaigns start and finish with clear definitions of what you deem to be success. Whether that be simply understanding historical performance or monitoring growth post-implementation of our roadmap. We’ll help you define the goals that will make a difference to your business and set realistic targets. Once we’ve benchmarked your current performance (pre-launch), we’ll ensure that everything is in place to effectively measure performance and give you the statistics and narratives that matter to you.

Costs and Availability

Averma Aviation is based in Surrey and Sussex. We offer both face-to-face meetings and remote teleconferencing to clients from any corner of the globe.

We offer a range of consultancy and audit packages, from completely bespoke based on need, goals and budget, to fixed price packages. We have options for smaller enterprises and test budgets, as well as larger all-encompassing projects. Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat for more information on costs and pricing.

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