How Your Aviation Business Can Benefit from a New Mobile Strategy This Year

In an online world that is fast, consumer-and data-driven, web developers and designers, marketers and business owners are coming together in 2019 to create new strategies to harness the current and future opportunities that mobile has to offer.

Aviation businesses must ensure they don’t ignore this trend that is affecting all areas of industry. Mobile-friendly optimisation is going to be key this year, building on a four-year upward trend against desktop search, and with device technology and performance advancements, accelerating network speeds and soaring audiences with bigger demands, there’s never been a better time to address mobile strategy.

One second site loading delay could cost conversions

Any new mobile strategy should still encompass loading speed optimisation, and this cannot be overlooked. We have discussed site speed importance before , and will again, as it isn’t going away any time soon according to Google, who last year announced that mobile site loading speed was going to become an important ranking factor.

Consumers are demanding and impatient and have a list of competitors to whom they can turn if they don’t want to wait. A delay of even one second can result in page abandonment on mobile and this in turn can lead to conversion drops of an alarming 7%. For businesses relying on large online revenue, this could be catastrophic, reducing sales by millions of pounds.

Because attention to site speed is important, but not the singular driver of mobile business strategy, developers, designers and marketers are working together more closely in the aviation industry to ensure a comprehensive solution for mobile that pleases the consumer across every aspect of their online experience – loading speed, design, functionality and content.

Consumer expectation and its place in aviation mobile strategy

Mobile search, according to Think with Google , is appealing to consumers right now. Their data shows that consumers are interacting with brands on mobile ‘twice as much as they do anywhere else.’ Although this is an industry-wide trend, demonstrating that consumer expectation is high across all businesses and sectors, aviation businesses can often cater to selective, niche markets and garner greater opportunities for brand-strengthening and trust-building.

With consistent advancements in mobile technology and network speeds, the consumer is expecting a complete mobile experience, and businesses that have invested in mobile-first web design and development have helped to push the bar even higher. 

There has never been a greater need for mobile strategy and optimisation, but building a mobile strategy bearing consumer expectation at the fore is not a simple task, and requires a delicate balance of visual design, navigation, loading speed and branding to build trust at the ideal point in the consumer journey.

How Averma Aviation builds mobile strategy

Averma Aviation work closely with our clients to ensure together we explore the best opportunities mobile has to offer your business in 2019. Mobile isn’t going away – the aviation industry is fast-paced, and technology is advancing in every sector. We understand the aviation industry and we understand how important design and development, loading speed, functionality and content really are. 

With Google backing mobile-friendly sites, ads and content since last summer, in addition to the release of the Speed Update algorithm , Averma Aviation know that it is time to look at your mobile strategy to determine how you can reach your goals in 2019 and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Contact us today using the contact form below and let’s arrange a no-obligation chat about your aviation business. Find out how we can help you with mobile – for today’s aviation consumers and the opportunities of tomorrow.


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