Four 2019 Web Design Trends Your Aviation Business Can’t Ignore

As an aviation business owner, you already know that your online presence needs to be on-point and up-to-date with the latest web design trends. That, coupled with continuous search engine updates, algorithm changes and best practices, can make your site fall behind your competitors quickly if you don’t address your site on a regular basis.

To complicate matters further this year, it is going to be important for website owners to know the difference between what constitutes a trend and what will become no more than a passing craze in web design. This is why our clients at Averma Aviation Marketing rely on us to ensure they stay current and fresh and at least one step ahead of the competition. 

Whether you have a stand-alone, signature aviation product, or are a leading provider of a wide range of solutions, we have four web design trends that can benefit your start-of-the-year review of your website and get your creative ideas flowing.

1.    Mobile-first – for new businesses and established ones, the first web design trend for 2019 harks to mobile. Put simply, if your aviation website isn’t mobile-friendly, your rankings will suffer. Google last year announced changes that rank mobile-optimised sites higher than non-mobile friendly versions and this has driven the increase in a move away from traditional site-building processes. As mobile search has been leading desktop for the past few years now, this comes as no real surprise to us.

Mobile-first, as the name suggests, looks at the creation of the mobile-friendly version first, with the desktop version coming later. 

2.    Site speed and loading time – again, no new news here, but it is worth a reminder that site speed is an important element of web design and development that doesn’t just need doing once. The Google Speed Update, released during summer 2018, began ranking faster-loading sites higher than their competitors, which is the driving force behind this trend for this year. 

When a visitor lands on your aviation site, the latest figures and industry research shows that consumers are more demanding in terms of loading time. The traditional four seconds that you have to engage the visitor has now reduced to 2-3 seconds, making site loading speed critical.

This will make web design and web development intrinsically-linked for the near future, particularly as the use of video also increases. 

3.    Simple web design and typography – we have seen the increase of simple, clean web design over the past year. Bold typography over clean imagery in a minimalist template is appealing to today’s consumer, in addition to clear navigation.

The use of icons and shapes has increased over high-consumption images, and this is another nod to site speed importance. Keeping web design simple and creating a subtle balance of white space, asymmetry and geometry can help to increase conversion too.

4.    Video – despite the increase in site speed optimisation trending, video is still proving to be a driving force for enhanced conversion this year. The use of video simply cannot be ignored in 2019 as a web design featured element for your aviation business. 

A short video can convey much more information in a few seconds than can be reasonably expected from paragraphs of text, and today’s consumer has shown that watching video is effective, not only from a conversion perspective, but also for SEO.

Here are some of our thoughts for the use of video:

Consider auto-playing video banners with no sound – a moving image is much more engaging and can often capture the attention of the visitor for longer.

Video backgrounds can offer the same opportunity for enhanced engagement. A visitor who stays on your site for longer while their attention is grabbed by a video can enhance your ranking.

  • A virtual tour of your physical premises offers visitors greater insights into your aviation business. If you have some great offices, show them off and increase your credibility.
  • Video can help to boost your brand awareness and can increase linking.
  • Video product demonstrations can be an invaluable sales tool that can be shared widely.
  • Averma Aviation Marketing can help you to bring a fresh, new and on-point look to your aviation business this year. Let us take a professional, knowledgeable look at your current online presence and help you to take it to the next level in 2019.

We work closely with our clients to build a unique picture of your business needs. As aviation specialists, we understand the complexities of regulatory mandates in your industry sector and know how to work within these strict parameters. Talk to us today and give your business the refreshing start it needs this year, and your website the operational agility to keep up.


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